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A short atmospheric horror game, inspired by black and white movies and liminal space paintings.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Godot, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Discord


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Visitor_Win64.zip 654 MB
Visitor_Win32.zip 653 MB
Visitor_Linux.zip 655 MB
Visitor_Mac.zip 655 MB

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im going to play it and the start is really creepy and nice i dont know why this game is not too popular


Woah. This game is great.


Well done! I like how the world looked all rusty and aged, it definitely gives off a strong feeling of being trapped.


The atmosphere was really good, nice and creepy, I thought death was around every corner. Good game! 

Thx:), good to hear that the atmosphere turned out well.

Nice little game would love to see more from you!! 

first game in the vi


I like it. Starts about 14:45.


I downloaded the game, good atmosphere but unlike the advertised screenshots, everything is blue and black, not black and white. Is this a bug?

(Sry for the late answer) likely a bug, but it can also be an external issue like a problem with the screen, windows or so... Don't know any solution for that issue, after all it is the first of its kind. Sry.


Ooh, the atmosphere here is really good!


I gave it a go - 8:55


I really really liked this! I tried recording my playthrough but the screen didnt record :/ nonetheless this was amazing! the atmosphere was spot on the sounds and the ending really got me! i was not expecting it at all good job! I might record one of your other games since this one didnt record if you made any others!

thanks a lot for playing it, I haven't released any other games yet, how ever, I'm already working on a new one. Some more infos will follow soon.


Good Horror Game & Dev :)
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very good horror game dev



I liked this a lot. I'm not sure I fully understood what was going on, but I don't think understanding is the point. The only criticisms I could give is that there were some grammatical errors, which might have been purposely in context/in character, and that the download size was pretty big for this kind of game. Maybe due to some uncompressed images and/or audio? But like I said, I thought this was v good.

Also I really really liked the weird shimmer effect.

I see, well depending on what text you read some errors might have been on purpose and others not. English is not my main langauge so sorry for any actual errors, I try my best to fix them. Yeah the project size is huge, I've tried my best to compress it as much as possible, how ever I used large files without realising it so that's an issue.


cool game! I really love the visual style.



'Ello! Visually, quite the interesting game you have here. The wall effects were particularly neat. Nice job on the aesthetics.

Cool that you like it:).





very nicely paced, interesting starting sequence to get the player instantly engaged. i love how that subtle horror was delivered, this game did a good job of building tension. Some scares you could totally just bypass on a first run, i love how you have the choice to investigate or not. the only thing i have to suggest is that weird lighting (turbulence?) sort of effect in the pixel textures, it feels a bit out of place, at least for me. Other than that, that was really fun! there's not a lot of games i stay quiet during.


Thanks for playing it, great that you like it. That "turbulence" effect is a style choice, I just thought it looks funky, it can add interesting effects to bit distant textures. I also wanted to add a twist to the classic pixelated/PS1 style visuals.


Sick game, awesome dev


what an absolutely dreadfully boring awful game. Just a bunch of random wandering forever till you find the right places to go. The only fear to be had here is from the insanity that comes with the high level of boredom this game produces.


This is a dreadfully awful review.  The only info to be gained from it is to remind the reader not to be a terrible ass to a dev that’s just trying to make stuff, improve, and make more stuff. 


hey, princess if you cannot take criticism then don't put your stuff online. I gave you my honest feedback you over-sensitive snowflake.   Sorry I guess your only looking for people willing to give hand jobs and not the truth because your not looking to improve your just looking to stay crappy dev that only gives props to the people willing to stroke it. It sucked and I stand by the fact that your game suck and I had a horrible time playing that trash.


there's criticism and then there's bitching. if you don't like the game and want to suggest feedback, that's fine, but do it in a respectable way otherwise you should really not expect anyone to take you seriously. there's a reason there's a disparaging gap between up and downvotes. also space owl isn't the dev of this game lol.


i did in my first comment say the game playwas nothing more then just searching for the right place to go next to advance the game and that was boring and the only thing scary about the game is how much your going to want to claw your eyes out with a fork to combat the bordom that this game offers because of how much pointless wondering there is. whcih makes the game a waste of time and not a whole lot of fun to play.

I started a channel to show games those run natively on Linux. I see I'm not the first one to make a gameplay video, but here is mine. :)

Thanks for making a Linux port. Just a hint, the binary you included is 32-bit, not 64 (x86_64) as you state. Congrats for the game, I liked the aesthetics!

It should be 64 bit, but if it's not... well then I don't know why. The 64 bit setting was selected when exporting. I'll do some research on why this might be, thanks for the feedback.

No worries. I checked the new version and it's 64-bit. I made the video with your first build and that was 32-bit for some reason (seen in the video when I checked with the "file" command). It's relevant because on Linux you have to install the 32-bit system libraries to run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit OS. Btw, did you increase the movement speed in the new version? Feels like I'm walking faster, but maybe it's just an illusion.

Oh, oh ok well then everything is fine. Yeah I increased walking speed, people complained too much about it being slow^^. I hope the walking being a bit faster is not irritating for you or so?


Hello again, I played this game and I liked it, the concept was neat and the notes were easy to find as well, although I think the game was too dark most of the time, I know it's suppose to be black and white but it was barely visible most of the time so if there was a bit more to it then it'd be nice, over all neat game, good work :)

Thank you for playing it, I appreciate your feedback.

How am I suppose to download the updated game?

I've managed to upload an updated build, the rest is on the way. The upload got delayed due to an unexpected crash by my pc.

All builds are now available again.

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The game was pretty good, I don't have much to say, it was a good experience, and I strongly agree with the people below, not being able to run makes the game really "monotonous", it would really change if running was a option, even if it is just a little bit or you could just speed up a little the velocity of the MC.

The game looks promising and have nice visuals, but the lack of running makes the game a little monotonous.

I dunno if im just stupid but i cat see a download link


CursedROM is probably updating or adjusting a few things, I’m sure it’ll be back soon!

I've updated the builds, now you can download them.

Awesome thanks



That was an unsettling little game, the art style had some unique details to it and has helped create some genuinely disturbing moments (like the one with a mental illness ad that looked like a figure), and the sound design was done well (the final "jumpscare" actually kind of got me). The only complaint I have is about the character's walking speed. It doesn't really help with creating more tension or atmosphere, in fact it's more annoying than anything, since there's a lot of places to explore and the game's pace wouldn't really be at risk if you had added the running option. Regarding the plot... Quite a few people have dissapeared without any explanation and someone (or something) has taken them away, but the note about a certain person who has been diagnosed with an incurable affliction confused me a little. Was certain Derek Smith behind all this? Just some paranormal creature known as the "visitor"? I must admit, in this case the ambiguity has contributed to the feeling of the overall uneasiness.

Thx for the feedback, yeah some complain about not being able to sprint, some don't. I personally don't care about such option, but I've noted your feedback. The uncertainties regarding the story are intended:). As far as I can tell, what is responsible for the disapearances is not human.

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and if you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

When I first saw the images of this game, I was quite hyped to give it a try and was amazed at the creepy and horrifying mood and atmosphere of the game. However, I think could be because I am kinda blind and have a lack of awareness to my surroundings so I got lost at the start of the game and also had troubles finding the crowbar. To be frank, I wouldn't have spotted the notebooks if I did not double back to look for the crowbar so maybe the creator can make the colours of items like more bright or obvious for blind players like me to see XDDDD.

I am quite confused about the storyline so it would be awesome if anyone can share with me about what the game is actually about and what the ending means.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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Thank you for your feedback, I'll keep such things in mind when making other games. It was my second game I've ever finished making so far so sure not everything is perfect. The crowbar may be in a hidden corner but it is actually not that difficult to find, I understand that it is difficult for somebody with bad vision to play the game, which is in generell an issue. I tried to make them stand up from lit up backgrounds. I should have added a hint regarding the crowbar... Oh yeah and indeed the story is crpytic, I don't want to spoiler everything, just gonna say that you have been consumed. Also thx for the gameplay, it was cool to watch somebody play the game.

Thank you for creating such an awesome game :). Hope to see even cooler horror games from you in the future.


It was alright. I loved the idea, but I would add shift. Good game thou.


Weirdly, I kind of enjoyed it a lot. Have been playing for 30 minutes now, just wandering around. Really good!

Thank you for your feedback, great that you liked it.


Great game. It was slow paced, little note collecting and slow walking. Definitely the eerie atmosphere and black and white texturing made it work for me. Addition to that, when I opened up the game and it said Godot Engine, I was wowed really. Keep going with this. Want to see more from you. 


Thank you very much, yes Godot is powerful. Am already working on my next game so keep an eye out for updates:).


Beautiful, slow building dread. 

Wonderful! I'm still new to gamedev so it's great to see that everything worked.


Very atmospheric, creepy and a little cursed, enjoyed it a lot!